Due to the popularity of the above dongle, we have added a Spektrum WS1000, WS2000 and an Orange RX wireless dongle preset. To achieve proper channel assignment, you will need to do a small amount of configuration in the transmitter. Unfortunately, different Spektrum radios work slightly differently, so your menus will be different, as well as channel naming, also channel naming might be different on your radio. They love to make things easy!

This setup works for all model types, we dumb the transmitter down and do all the config in AccuRC.

To use the preset you MUST USE A FIXED WING MODEL MEMORY…. yes even for helicopters

What you are aiming for is:

Fixed wing (plane) model type, normal aileron and elevator (one servo).

  • Channel 1-4 are your main controls
  • Channel 5 named “Gear” needs to be assigned to the switch you want to use for throttle hold
  • Channel 6 named “Aux1” needs to be assigned to the switch you want to use for RPM 1-3


On older radios like the DX7s and Generation 1 DX8, the menu to assign these switches is in the System Setup, called “Switch Select” on the newer models like the DX6, DX8 Gen2, DX9 etc. it’s called “Channel Input Config”

On the DX7s pictured above, we have assigned the Flap switch to RPM control as it is 3 a position switch and the Gear switch to be throttle hold.

On the DX9 above, switch “A” will be used as throttle hold and “D” will be used for RPM switching.

Now open AccuRC,

Go to tx settings -> device
Input mode -> Game Controller
Preset -> WS2000

this will automatically assign the channels in both tx settings -> device and functions

lastly you just need to calibrate, go to tx settings calibration and follow the instructions making sure you centre the 3 position switch you assigned for the RPMs when asked to centre everything.

due to the way windows calibration and the ws2000 work we do not recommend calibrating in joy.cpl in windows it can cause some strange behaviours, if you calibrated in windows hit “reset to default” which is next to the calibrate button then calibrate in AccuRC.

If you have assigned the switches as suggested then your RPM and throttle hold will work as expected as will your main controls.

As ever any questions please email us at support@